FOCUS Outdoor 10X42 - Sjónauki

19.990 Kr.
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cus Outdoor is a series of binoculars providing good value for money for many years to come. Waterproof binoculars with a rubber armour that gives a good grip and increased impact safety. The binoculars are also well balanced and has a large focus wheel making it easy to operate with gloves.

Manufactured with high quality BAK4 prisms and with good anti-reflective coating that provides a sharp and accurate color recognition across the entire field of view. With a size of 25mm, these binoculars will always be able to accompany you when you are travelling, hiking in the mountains, or walking in the woods. 32 and 42mm make this the perfect all-round binoculars for both hunters, bird watchers and nature lovers.

Sjónauki 10x42 - MC
Margföldun x10
Sjónsvið 98m á 1000m
Þvermál linsu 42
Field of view 5,8
Næsti fókus 2m
Þyngd 618 Gr
Ábyrgð 5 Ár