FOCUS HANDY 7X50 - Sjónauki

9.990 Kr.
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Focus Free is an easy to use binoculars for quick observations and easily follow a moving object. The great sharpdepth from 20m - infinity allows you to always have a sharp image without having to re-focus.
If you nead glasses works Focus Free 7x50 perfectly without any reduction of the visual field. The binoculars have an eyerelief of 24mm which is the best in its class.

Focus Free has no moving parts and is splash proof..

Sjónauki 7x50 - FC
Margföldun x7
Sjónsvið 119m á 1000m
Þvermál linsu 50
Field of view 6,8
Næsti fókus 8m
Þyngd 880 Gr 
Í kassanum Taska og hálsól fylgir
Ábyrgð 5 Ár