FOCUS HAWK 20-60X60 - Sjónauki

24.990 Kr.
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FOCUS HAWK 20-60X60 - Sjónauki

Good value for money compact waterproof spotting scope with a good coating. Double sharpness setting wheel makes it easy and convenient to get sharp image at the object you are looking on. The eyepiece has a TW-cup for a comfortable vision with or without glasses.

Comes complete with a large tripod and bag.

Suitable for shooting range, beginners in bird watching and to look at the view from house and site.

Sjónauki 20-60 Bk4
Sjónsvið 31-16 á 1000m
Þvermál linsu 60
Field of view 1,8-0,9
Næsti fókus  8m
Í kassanum Þrífótur, Taska og hálsól fylgir
Ábyrgð 5 Ár