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Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 - Svört

19.990 Kr.
Til í verslun Reykjavík Foto - Laugavegi 51
Lýsing í vinnslu 

Bring the instant back with this camera from Polaroid originals. OneStep2 is the upgraded version of the classic OneStep. This camera is still completly analog but have a build-in battery so you can charge it wita the USB. Also you have a self timer for you to be in the shot. Available in white and graphite grey.

  • Easy to use One-Step photography
  • Robust, stylish modern functionality
  • High quality lens for best-ever quality polaroids from as close as 0.6m to infinity
  • Powerful built-in flash to illuminate every shot
  • Works with new i-Type and classic 600 film
  • Long-life battery with easy USB-charging
  • Self-Timer so you can be in the shot.