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13.990 Kr.
Til í verslun Reykjavík Foto - Laugavegi 51

Practical monopod for the Zhiyun Crane gimbals, with foldable tripod foot and telescopic design that makes it very compact when not in use.

High Quality, Telescopic Design
Zhiyun's monopod is manufactured from high-quality aluminum. With a telescopic design, you can easily adjust it to the desired height and make it very compact for carrying or storage.

Bi-directional Mounting Design
With a bi-directional mounting design, you can attach your camera from either sides up to your needs. The 1/4’’-3/8’’ threads open up to more possibilities of equipment combination.

Flexible Tripod Foot 
Zhiyun Telescopic Monopod is equipped with a foldable tripod foot for extra stability. The foot can only be retracted after pressing a special button, to avoid any risk of misoperation. A flexible joint provides tilt in any direction. 

Comfortable to Carry
The monopod also comes with a broad shoulder strap and a refined bag, making it comfortable to carry.