FOCUS Discover 8X42 - Sjónauki

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8x42 | 10x42 - These are equally suitable for hunters, birdwatchers and nature lovers of all
kinds, and sufficiently bright for use at even dawn and dusk.
A range of binoculars made with Lanthanide glass that gives an extreme transmission of
light and sharpness. This type of glass is used, among other things, in photographic optics
and fibre optic cables because of its high refractive index.
Discover binoculars are also impact-resistant and, of course, waterproof. The 25 mm dia
meter eyepieces make them comfortable to look through, both with and without glasses.
The 8x42 | 10x50
has an eye relief of 21 mm and
8x32 | 10x42 | 12x50
is not far behind
at 18 mm, making this range of binoculars best in class. The binoculars are excellent for
both bird watching and hunting. They have a large field of view - a full 138 m at 1000 m
distance for the 8x32 model (7.9°) - which makes it easy to find and follow objects.
The Discover range has phase-corrected optics for colour-correct imaging and multilayer
anti-reflective coatings on all glass surfaces. The outstanding anti-reflective coating and
high-quality BaK-4 prisms give these binoculars a sharpness and contrast that is normally
only found in much more expensive models.