FOCUS EAGLE 10X42 - Sjónauki

44.990 Kr.
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FOCUS EAGLE 10X42 - Sjónauki

With carefully selected lenses and prisms deliver this model, a bright and sharp image. BaK-4 prisms have a phase-coating for a color accurate in the most difficult lighting situations.

The chassis is made of impact-resistant aluminum and are filled with nitrogen gas which makes binoculars water and dust proof.

Ideal model for hunters and bird-watchers binocular can handle both dawn and dusk.

Comes complete with carrying case and neck strap.

Sjónauki 10x42 - Bak4 - FMC
Margföldun x10
Sjónsvið 105m á 1000m
Þvermál linsu 42
Field of view 6
Næsti fókus 3m
Þyngd 730 Gr
Í kassanum Taska og hálsól fylgir
Ábyrgð 5 Ár