FOCUS FALCON 8X42 - Sjónauki

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FOCUS FALCON 8X42 - Sjónauki

FOCUS FALCON series is a waterproof binocular which satisfy both amateurs and professionals.

Manufactured with ED glass and gives a brilliant sharpness across the visual field, high contrast. BaK-4 prisms are coated with phase coating and dielectric coating to cope with the most difficult light situations, in all weather.

The open design of the binoculars body makes it easy to handle with one hand, and that the binocular are made of magnesium / aluminum making it light and durable.

Extra large field of view is it easy to find what you are looking for, and with the comfortable Twist-up cups can you adjust the binoculars for his own vision.

Comes complete with carrying case and neck strap.

Sjónauki 8x42 - Bak4 - FMC
Margföldun x8
Sjónsvið 136m á 1000m
Þvermál linsu 42
Field of view 7,6
Næsti fókus  
Í kassanum Taska og hálsól fylgir
Ábyrgð 5 Ár