Nanlite Para 90 Softbox with Bowens Mount

26.990 Kr.
Þessi vara er uppseld og er í pöntun, Fyrir nánari upplýsingar er hægt að hafa samband í síma 577 5900 eða skrá netfang hér að neðan og við látum þig vita þegar næsta sending kemur.

The parabola make the light decreases slightly from center to edge and chage more symmetrical. It provides excellent diffusing light, spot of highlight is more delicate and natural.  Perfect for portrait and commercial portrait photography ect.


35" x 35" x 25"/90 x 90 x 63cm

Compatible light :

Forza 300, Forza 500, P-100, P-200

Options :

Normal version

Quick set-up version


· Normal and quick set-up version for choosing.
The Speed Ring for the normal version is separated from the 16 umbrella supporting rods, and you should connect them one by one. While the quick set-up version comes with integrated design, easily at the twist of a press of the self-locking and pulling upward, greatly shorten the set-up time.  
· The Para 90 includes a Bowens Style Speed Ring, making it not limited suitable for NanLite's Forza Series LEDs, it also compatible with other Standard Bowens Mount lights.
· 35.4''/90cm in diameter and 25.5''/65m deep, make the light decreases slightly from center to edge. 
  Large-area and distant illumination, creates perfect spot, strong three-dimensional sense.
· Made of 16 umbrella supporting rods to form a large diameter deep softbox, the circle-like shape that produce a smooth and special effects.
· Material selection for high temperature resistant and high effective reflection materials,which is ideal 
  for continuous lights.
· The design of  leaving margin on the front for controlling light easier.
· The optional fabric eggcrate, perfect for more precise light shaping.