Nisi Professional Kit fyrir Fujifilm X100 Series

13.990 Kr.
  • NiSi Professional Kit for Fujifilm X100 Series

    Easy to install
    Allows to use up to 2 square filters
    Aluminium Alloy Construction
    No Vignetting
    360 degrees Rotation


    • NiSi Filterholder
    • NiSi Polarizer Filter
    • NiSi IRND 8 Filter (3 Stop)
    • NiSi Medium Graduated ND8 (3 stop) Filter
    • NiSi Natural Night Filter
    • NiSi Pouch

    Compatible with:

    NiSi Polarization; provides increased color saturation and contrast, and reduces reflexes in eg. water surfaces and window glass. Suitable for use to enhance the tone and shades of the sky, and is essential especially for landscape photography. Polarization filter is irreplaceable as it is difficult to digitally reproduce.

    NiSi IRND 8 filter; is specially designed for landscape photographers, and extends the exposure time by 3 stops. This filter is made of high quality optical glass with nano coating to give a fantastic detail richness

    NiSi Medium Graded ND8 filter is densest at the edge and brightens to clear in the middle, with a gradual transition between the dense and clear area. Neutral density filters do not affect the color of the image. The filter can be moved in the holder, which allows you to compose the image for best results.

    NiSi Natural Night Filter is a filter that blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution. This means that the "yellow light" that arises when shooting in evening /night lighting is filtered out and you get normal colors instead.