Polaroid Now Svört/Hvít

24.990 Kr.

Polaroid Now skyndimyndavél

Helstu upplýingar

  • Sjálfvirkur fóksu
  • Getur tekið tvö skot ( Dual exposure )
  • Tímastillir
  • USB tengi fyrir hleðslu
  • Tekur i-Type og 600 filmur
  • Stærð á myndum 



It’s time for the next step in Polaroid’s 82 year journey - a Polaroid camera for Now.

Polaroid will unveil a fresh look and feel for the decade, debuting with its new autofocus instant analog camera range, Polaroid Now.

With a newly developed autofocus lens system, longer lasting battery, accurate flash and a friendlier more functional camera design - it has never been easier to snap the perfect Polaroid photo- whatever level your photography skills.

Embodying a new look for the decade, the Polaroid Now camera range will be available in each of the five iconic Polaroid Spectrum colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue -and will land alongside the classic black and white cameras.

The new camera design embraces curved, fluid lines marking a move away from the angular cases of the past, allowing users to hold, view and use with ease

The Polaroid Now camera allows you to focus on the moment at hand; with new technology that does the rest. Unlike its predecessors, the Polaroid OneStep 2 and OneStep+, the new instant camera enjoys a lens that automatically switches between distance and portrait formats - for a more precise shot each time.

A standout feature for the camera is its accurate flash, which takes the lighting conditions into consideration, allowing for great results in lower lighting situations - even when you’re not using the flash. Polaroid Now also boasts a long lasting battery life - with the power to shoot 15 packs of film - making it the perfect accessory for any adventure.


  • Easy to use One-Step photography
  • Robust, stylish and colourful
  • Autofocus
  • Double exposure
  • High quality lens for best-ever quality polaroids from as close as 0.6m to infinity
  • An accurate and powerful built-in flash
  • Works with new i-Type and classic 600 film
  • Long-life battery with easy USB-charging
  • Self-Timer so you can be in the shot.