Sirui Þrífótur R-4214X - Carbon

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Sirui Þrífótur R-4214X Carbon

  • Stærð: 10,5 til 150cm
  • Heldur allt að 25KG 
  • Þyngd: 2200 grömm
  • Efni: Carbon Fiber
  • Taska: Já fylgir
  • Redesigned spider provides increased stability and load capacity.
  • New cross pattern of Carbon Fiber layers provides significantly increased stability and vibration reduction.
  • New leg angle locking system makes selecting one of the three angle positions fast and reliable.
  • 3 point locking platform makes converting from a still to video tripod fast and secure (the locking channel on the platform/75mm bowl adds stability and greater locking integrity).
  • For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism.
  • Lightweight 10 layers 100% Carbon Fiber legs.
  • Flat platform can be replaced with a 75mm bowl for use with SIRUI video heads.
  • Built-in bubble level makes horizontal adjustments fast and easy.
  • Replaceable rubber foot/stainless steel spike.
  • Hanging hook is also an allen key tool.