Transcend Dashcam Drivepro 200

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  • 2.4” color LCD screen
  • Resolution 960 x 240
  • USB 2.0 connector
  • Video Out port. Stream videos on a TV screen
  • Compact Size. Doesn’t obstruct the driver's view
  • Auto start and auto stop as the engine is switched on and off
    Looping recording
  • The camera automatically records over the oldest file when the memory card fills up
  • Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080P recording 30fps resolution, in H.264 compression technology
  • 160 degrees view angle gives an extra wide perspective of on-road events, captures the images withoutblind spot
  • Wide view can cover 4-lanesof traffic
  • Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten, up to 15 files. (10 seconds before and 50 seconds after the event)
  • Operate the DrivePro via wirelesssmartphone/tablet connectivity with more safety and convenience.
  • View live video footage during recording.
  • Wirelessly download and exchange videos with police in a timelymanner.

Packing includes: 16GB microSD, Car Mounting Bracket, Car Adapter 12V, Video Cable