Universal Fabric Diffuser fyrir flöss

1.490 Kr.

The Universal Fabric Diffuser for Compact Flashes by walimex is an extremely convenient tool for reportage photographers.

The fabric is coated with a silver reflector surface on the inside which allows a better light efficiency and minimizes the loss of light. The transparent textile fabric ensures a soft lighting and thus shadow-free portrait shots.

You simply put the diffuser over your compact flash. The maximum girth of the diffuser is approx. 25cm and it is held to the flash via an elastic band. Therefore the diffuser can be used universally for nearly all system flashes and can be used independently of the model.

With a weight of only approx. 10g the diffuser is extremely compact and lightweight, and fits into every photo bag.

Product features:

  • convenient universal fabric diffuser for compact flashes
  • for a soft and even lighting
  • with silver reflector surface on the inside
  • connection with integrated elastic band
  • transparent textile fabric
  • max. girth approx. 25cm
  • extremely compact and lightweight

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 6x8x9,5cm
  • Max. Girth: approx. 25cm
  • Weight: approx. 10g
  • Material: synthetic fiber