Vallerret Hanskar Urbex

10.990 Kr.

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  • FlipTech finger caps: You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials.
  • 100 % Merino Wool inner: Nature’s best weapon against the cold ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for photography.
  • Magnets: Keep the FlipTech open and out of the way, increasing your access to your camera.
  • Genuine Goats Leather: Tan genuine goats leather for that street style and durable use.
  • Knit Cuff: Comfortable and cozy knit cuff to keep your wrist warm.
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Conductive suede Index and Thumb so you can swipe, send, answer and scroll as per usual.
  • Fitted Glove Design: Slim and fitted design for reduced bulk, comfort and great camera feel.

Winter has no bounds and the concrete jungle can chill a photographer’s fingers like any other winter location. Designed for Urban Explorers, who take to the frozen winter streets to capture a world that often gets overlooked amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. Abandoned Warehouses, Sparkling Lights, City Skylines and One of a Kind Characters. Being a street photographer takes patience, persistence and a bit of style.

The Urbex glove is built to help urban photographers maintain that balance of style, warmth and functionality. This unisex glove features genuine goats leather, 100% merino wool and touch screen compatible index and thumb, making the perfect glove to transition you from the coffee shop to an impromptu street shoot.