NiSi IRND64 Pro ( 6 Stopp ) Filter

9.290 kr.25.990 kr.


coating so that it won’t affect the sharpness and resolution of the lens. It also has no effect on the color rendition.

The frame is only 3,5mm thick, which makes this ultra thin filter perfect for use on super wide angle lenses as there is no risk for vignetting.

Attaching a neutral density (ND) filter to your lens uniformly reduces the amount of light entering the lens. In allows you to choose a longer shutter speed to create motion blur or a larger aperture to achieve shorter depth of field and is useful for landscape and portrait photography. But also for videographers who wants to shoot at specific speeds to give a natural image rendition.

This filter also has an infrared (IR) coating which helps eliminate infrared light and avoid color casts that otherwise could occur at long exposures.


  • Reduces exposure by 6 stops
  • IR Coating to reduce color cast at long exposures
  • Made of optical glass
  • Nano Coating repels water and grease
  • Matt black, ultra thin filter frame (3,5mm)

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