Nisi Matte Box C5 Filmmaker kit

119.990 kr.

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NiSi Matte Box C5 Filmmaker Kit

As standard this Matte Box is made for 95mm (Outer diameter) cinelenses, but can also be used on lenses with fliter thread of 67, 72, 77 or 82mm (use included adapter rings).

This kit also includes;

  • A filter frame for 4×5.65″ cinefilters and a filter frame for 4×4″ cine filters or 100x100mm squarefilters, featuring aluminum alloy frame and anti-off design, which can be quickly installed without leaving fingerprints
  • NiSi True Color Variable ND 1-5 stops filter (made for C5 Matte Box) and NiSi FS ND16 (4 stops) 4×5.65″ filter, which makes it possible to get variable ND effect of 1-9 stops wit minimum color shift and no X-effects.
  • NiSi Black Mist 1/8 4×5.65″ filter which is made for softening or diffusing images to create that special “atmosphere” by softening excess sharpness and contrast, and especially will give you a nice result when you have highlights in the picture.

You can use two filters (one in each tray) at the same time.

Thanks to the formfitting filter system, ultra-wide angle shot using 15mm+ focal length becomes possible, without any vinjetting.

This NiSi Matte Box has a inside depth of 26,5mm and is effective to avoid glare.
It also have a design with Air gaps on the sides, which reduce wind resistance.

The top flag have a carbon fiber design, and can opens 180°.

The weight is only 350g which allows use when you are shooting on gimbals.

Package includes:
1pcs NiSi Matte Box C5
1pcs Filter Tray for 4×5.65″ Cine Filter
1pcs Filter Tray for 100x100mm square filter or 4×4″ Cine Filter
4pcs adapterrings (67, 72, 77 and 82mm)
1pcs True Color V-ND 1-5 stops filter
1pcs FS ND16 (4 stops) 4×5.65″ filter
1pcs Black Mist 1/8 4×5,65″ filter 1pcs Pouch

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