Mobile Everyday iPhone

7.990 kr.


  • Peak Design hlustur fyrir iPhone 13
  • Festing fyrir Peak design aukahluti
  • Built-in magnetic locking technology (called SlimLink™) is ultra secure and feels like magic

A phone case that gives you everything—supreme protection, secure grip, and brilliant mounting—and does it all with zero bulk. With a slim 2.4mm profile, the Everyday Case respects your pockets, yet offers a built-in loop for grippin’ and a rugged full-surround TPU bumper for rippin’. When not in use, the loop magnetically closes flush with the case, unlike other pocket-snagging grip accessories. Best of all, the Everyday Case connects to all Peak Design mounts and accessories. How? A ceramic insert surrounded by powerful magnets (a feature we call SlimLink) that—you guessed it—sits entirely flush with the case surface. Built from durable, lightweight polycarbonate, and wrapped in beautiful nylon canvas fabric.


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