Atomos Button Bar compatible with Neon

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Atomos Button Bar Expand the control interface of NEON for close field operation and fast access to tools with the Button Bar Remote Control Unit (BBRCU). The buttons offer a tactile interface with adjustable backlight and provide fast access and control of the tools needed on set for image analysis, setting exposure, and checking focus. With dedicated buttons for record and playback, you can jump into the last take to review the shot, step- through frame by frame or loop the entire clip. The rugged aluminumhousing provides the same Arri anti-rotational mount point with 3/8” and 1/4” 20 options and a NATO rail runs the length of the unit allowing you to choose your desired location directly on the NEON to best suit your workflow. The hardwired connection utilises a 2.5mm mini-jack between the remote port of NEON MCU and the Button Bar to provide power without the need for batteries or alternative power sources. The non-proprietary connection allows it to be easily extended or for a cable to be replaced using industry- standard LANC cables or extensions. In combination with the NEON AtomRemote App for iOS or Mac OS, the Button Bar allows users flexibility and control the displayed tool options. DITs utilising the App via Bluetooth®can define and set the colour pipeline and project settings. The Button Bar provides directors and camera operators quick access to scopes, monitor assist tools, frame guides and LUT previews. Key Features


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