Sirui Cine Lens-Set Jupiter FF 24/35/50

499.990 kr.

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Sirui Cine Lens-Set Jupiter FF 24/35/50 mm T2 Macro EF-Mount

Minimum Focus Distance
To meet the demand for close-ups and macro shots, the minimum focus distance is reduced to 0,24m, which allows users to get really close to the subjects.

Explore the Micro World
The micro world presented by this lens has a sharp and focused center with gradual and pleasing fall off of contrast and light towards the edges.

**Constant T-Stops & **
In terms of the speed, all lenses across the family feature a step-less aperture ring with a range from T2 to T22.
At T2 the lens offers a fast shutter speed for precise exposure control.
At T22 a deep depth of field on macro shots can be achieved.
11 aperture blades create the natural-looking background and round bokeh to express the delicate emotions of people while richly depicting the shot.

8K Resolution
Optics are coating to help eliminate veiling glare.
The performance of sharpness, color reproduction, distortion control, optical aberration control on these lenses can be said as good as many high-end cine lenses.
Even big-bugdet productions can be handled pretty well.

Minimal Focus Breathing
Always taking branding cine lenses as standard, focus breathing on this lens is well controlled to make sure the audience won´t feel distracted while enjoying a story.

Consistent in a Set
All 3 prime lenses (24, 35 & 50mm) are similar in size and weight with uniform 92 mm filter thread and gear position, so you barely have to move the gears when switching lenses.

Cine-Style Lens Mount
Sirui Jupiter series is available in native PL/EF mount, compatible with most professional cinema cameras on the market.
E-mount and RF-mount are offered for use on a wider range of popular full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Hard Case included
This kit includes a specially made hard case, which protects your lenses effectively.


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