Samyang V-AF 35mm T1.9 Sony FE

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The Samyang V-AF cinema lenses are designed for Sony E-mount and have several exciting and important functions such as gear cogs for follow focus, tally lamp and unified form factor throughout the entire line-up. Thanks to the uniform weight and size, it´s easier to use the lenses with accessories such as gimbals or drones as you don’t have to rebalance, which can sometimes be time-consuming. The lens series consists of 20mm T1.9, 24mm T1.9, 35mm T1.9, 45mm T1.9 and the 75mm T1.9.

The V-AF series supports resolutions up to 8K in a small and lightweight form, which is well suited for use with handheld gimbals and drones, as well as for studios and location productions. All lenses within the new series are color-matched to avoid shifts when swapping lenses and the 9 aperture blades allow for a natural-looking bokeh.

There is also a tally lamp on the front which shows when the camera is recording. A function that is very much appreciated by YouTubers, among others.

On the side of the lens is a customizable dial that can be set to use manual focus or allow aperture adjustment by turning the focus ring. Below that switch is a focus hold button, which allows the focus to be locked at a certain distance. The user can also assign other desired functions to the slider via firmware update.

The lens construction of the V-AF 24mm T1.9 consist of 11 elements in 8 groups and has 2 ED, 2 ASP and 3 HR special lenses that will provide a crisp and cinematic look to the video. Focus is handled by Samyang’s linear STM focus motor that provides a quiet and smooth autofocus which minimizes vibration and noise. The 9-bladed circular aperture design creates a smooth bokeh with a blurred background which make subjects stand out with deep dimensional impact.


Key specifications

  • Unified form factor throughout the entire line-up
  • AF powered by Samyang’s linear STM focus motor
  • Tally lamp on the front
  • Gear cogs for follow focus
  • Smooth focus rotation
  • All lenses are color matched
  • Covers full-frame


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