Sirui ST-224+ST-20 Carbon Fibre Tripod W

79.990 kr.

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Sirui Þrífótur.

  • Kúluhaus (
  • Þyngd 1950
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Hámarksþyngd 15 Kg
  • Hámarkshæð 184cm
  • Lámarkshæð 17,5cm


Sirui ST-224+ST-20 Carbon Fibre Tripod WPS with Ballhead

The Sirui ST Series tripods are compact, lightweight, strong and waterproof.

Packed with features they are the perfect match mirrorless and compact DSLR cameras.

Leightweight and strong carbon fiber sections provide the ultimate stability for your camera. The large leg diameters enhance the strength of the carbon layers.

The unique triangle shaped center column allows for a more compact design as well as a sturdier center section.
The center column can be reversed to achieve ultra low shooting sections.
A Quick release system makes it easy to turn the centercolumn „upside down“ for reverse direction, for lower shooting angles.
Or switch to the ST-Z short center column (optional, not included) to be able to shoot for very low angles.
The top plate of the centercolumn have an unique quick release design to easy shift from 1/4″ to 3/8″ thread screw.

An extra feature is waterproof twist leg locks which are tightly seald to prevent water, durt and dust from entering the tube.

Accessory Ports:
A wide range of accessories can be attached to the tripod via the 1/4″ and 3/8″ accessory ports.

This tripod have interchangeable rubber feet and metal spikes, and 4 section legs.

Quality built with 40mm oil-free damping ball structure, the aluminium-alloy head with low center gravity optimizes its load capacity and stability.

It has four axis of adjustment to be able to cope with every shooting angle, including a panorama plate on the top, for 360° smooth panning function, which makes it easy to get your camera in horisontal position with the adjust of the ball, instead of the legs.

Independent friction control knob for easy friction adjustment and ball locking control.

Built with hard aluminum alloy, the head is sturdy and durable and with a quick-release clamp that is compatible with the Arca-Swiss system.
It enables the use of many different quick-release plates.
Siru’s smart safety lock also prevents the plate (and camera) from sliding off the clamp mount in case you accidentally fail to tighten the screw sufficiently.

ST-20 also have integrated panning lock.

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