NiSi UV Armor FX Pro filter

7.990 kr.16.990 kr.


NiSi Filter UV Armor FX Pro Nano L395

NiSi Armor FX adopts the explosion-proof laminated design of high-end automobile front windshields.
It is constructed to avoid the formation of glass fragments and therefore minimizes the risk of scratches to the front element and lens coatings.

This means that your lens is protected when shooting in all kind of scenes.

This is the Orginate design from NiSi Explosion-Proof Cinema Filters, which is widely used for high-end cinema lenses.

This NiSi Armor FX series filter have a unique frame made of twill Brass and patended two color design, which also makes it easy to install and remove.
Ultra slim 3.9 mm frame with knurling for easy grip. No vignetting on wide angle lens, including at 14mm (FF).
It also features a front filter thread for added convenience.

This UV-filter absorbs ultraviolet light with wavelength below 395nm, which improves image clarity by reducing UV-light interference.

The double-sided nano coatings with multi low reflection, boasting a 99% transmittance rate and have maximum reduction of glare and ghosting artefacts.
It also makes it double-sided waterproof and oil-proof, and protect the lens from dust and damage.

This Armor FX series filter also have the highest quality CINE optical glass with No loss of sharpness.

Super-easy to clean!

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